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Accounting, Audit, Tax and Business Consulting.

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Accounting, Audit, Tax and Business consulting.

Financial audit

Our approach to audit involves detailed knowledge and understanding of each client's business with a special emphasis on risk identification and testing, using audit tools, resources, and procedures, as well as the highest ethical, professional standards and behavior in order to express an opinion.

We have designed the audit process in such a way as to minimize client’s time of the client when collecting data.


Accounting is an organized system that provides information on the financial position, business performance, cash flows, changes in equity and other financial and non-financial information relevant to external and internal users of financial statements.

In order to adjust to our client’s needs, we continue the concept of Internet accounting which members of our team was the first who started it in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2009. This concept increases efficiency, saving both time and money.

Business Evaluation

We are fully capable to carry out every valuation process with our team and team of associates. As a starting point, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the subject of assessment, which includes the legal, financial, commercial and personnel aspects.

As a result of our analysis, we issue a Valuation opinion for the company both static and dynamic, using the rate of return at the request by client or different.


During the life cycle of each company, sometimes is necessary to undertake significant changes in order to survive on the market. The restructuring process is an extremely complex and stressful process that is easier to handle if it is well planned and managed. As a starting point we use the company's vision that we compile different changes in process, evaluate them and supervise their implementation.

As a part of restructuring we can run a process of restructuring financial liabilities independently. It begins with an analysis of the financial position of the company and the proposal of alternative measures. One of the directions is the refinancing of liabilities where on the client's behalf we make projections and apply to financial institutions for the purpose of financial recovery.

Accounting Software

Regardless of whether is it start-up project or company in mature stage of business, the organization of the accounting information system is a process that is subject to change permanently.

Our approach to the implementation of Accounting information systems relies on analysis of needs, then project design that includes the definition of all accounting documents, booking schemes and personalization of access rights. Additionally, we assist in process of selecting the bidders and monitoring the implementation. For foreign investors we suggest bilingual and online application.

Buy/Sell Company

Every Company as well as it’s owner, find itself at certain stage in the dilemma of ownership change or the possibility of some form of change in the ownership structure. The above mentioned possibilities are usually demanding and long processes and require expertise in various fields.

We are able to guide the complete process of ownership transformation, or selectively providing services from certain segments: depth analysis of the company, audit of financial statements, business evaluation, counseling in relation to the selection of potential investors.

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RR-Team d.o.o.

About Us

We are young professional organization, created by the merging experience and energy, which makes a team of experienced experts from different fields necessary for successful goals achievement.

Our main goal is to provide clients and partners with timely, efficient and innovative services in the field of auditing, tax and business consulting that are a prerequisite for successful business decision making.

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